Friday, April 17, 2009

America, Canada, Gay, Lesbian, Marriages, rights of children

Several states in America are now legalizing gay and lesbian marriages and governor Patterson of New York has proposed legalizing same sex marriages in New York. The state of Connecticut already allow same sex marriage, New Jersey is now considering legalizing such marriages and other states in America, and the country of Canada has already legalized it. Marriage at the present time under the constitution is defined as a union between a man and a woman.

Adam & Eve will be crawling in their graves to hear what the generation of their seed is doing at this time. God must as well come up with a plan to unite Adam & Adam and Eve and Eve, and modify the commandment to be fruitful and multiply, for Adam & Adam would certainly not have been able to replenish the earth.
If God found it necessary to create man and woman, male animals and female animals that they may naturally reproduce, are we as human beings more intelligent than the creator to offset the natural order of reproduction?

At the present time, the rights of gays and lesbians are being evaluated as equal rights under the law as human beings and considered as similar rights as racial rights. All the animals were created with equal rights to live as animals within their domain, but does the fish have a choice as to how it reproduces. We have taken the concept of equal rights of human beings to a different level and certainly applying the rule of rights of individuals on a different level.

A person has the right to live, but the law certainly does not allow a person the right to take their own life. We uphold the law that it is not morally right to commit suicide, and we all agree indeed; so then how do we find it a legal right to allow same sex marriages. Shouldn’t the child have the right to be born under the image of their mother and father? Who are we to deny the child the right to grow up in harmony with nature? Children at an early age know that even animals reproduce as male and female, so now why are they being denied the same right even animals have to have a man as father and a woman as mother. A child growing up looking up the crib see two women as parents or two men as parents, what confused state of mind the child would have. Do we expect a child growing up with same sex parents grow up as a heterosexual? To legalize same sex marriages is to deny the child the right to choose what to be.

The church currently oppose abortion; stating that it is a violation of the right of the unborn fetus. We argue in favor of the rights of an unborn child yet some are in favor of denying the born child the right to have a man as father and a woman as mother.

Let us not forget Sodom and Gomorrah, and the reasons why they were destroyed and let us not forget the flood of Noah and the core reasons why the land was flooded. In both of these cases, it has something to do with reproduction of mankind, for when we interfere in the natural order of reproduction, such as the case of Sodom & Gomorrah with homosexual acts, and Noah’s time with the sons of God reproducing with the daughters of men, the supreme steps in with a yard stick to straighten us up.

If we haven’t figured it out by now, AIDS is a disease that is linked to how we reproduce. Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by fire, Noah’s time the destruction was by water, what is left is air and earth. The sperm of the human being is the earth from which the human bodies have been formed. The sperm is the seed of the human body and it is the earth. God promised not to destroy the earth by water, but let us be aware that air and earth are also options he can use, for he has already used fire and water. The sperm of the human being is the earth of the body.

What the adult does with their lives is their choice, but the rights of the child must be considered as same sex marriage laws are being passed across the land. Adult men and women may choose to exercise their rights to do whatever they please under the laws of the land, but the rights of the child has to be considered and protected as the adult makes their choices.. The child has the right to have a man as father and a woman as mother, just as is even the case with animals. The child looking up at the sky sees the sun and moon united to bring lights to the earth. The child looks at puppies as having come from their mother, the child looks at kitten as having been reproduced by a male and female. So if the gay and lesbian couple are asked by their children which one of you two is father and which one of the two is mother what would you say?

It is not the gay and lesbian relationship that we oppose here, but the violation of the rights of the child and how we reproduce is what we oppose here. Just as we protect our children form drinking alcohol before they are adults, and we prevent our children from driving cars before they are of a certain age, our children also have the right to be protected from being raised by two gay or lesbian couples. At this rate people will soon be asking to have the right to marry their pets.

Ken Nunoo

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